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Frequently Asked Questions

Store Operations:

What are your store hours?

We are open Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 6:30 pm and Saturday 8:30 am – 1:00 pm. We are closed on Sundays and all major holidays.

Do you have an emergency number I can call during non-store hours?

Yes, our emergency number is 812.875.3609.


I noticed that you offer free prescription delivery. When do you deliver?

Refer to this link for delivery locations and times.

Do you deliver to rural areas?

We do not deliver to rural areas. We will only deliver to addresses that are considered city addresses. The reason we do this is for the safety of our driver due to some road conditions.

Is there a delivery fee?

No, there is not a fee for delivery. This is a service we offer our customers.

Durable Medical Equipment:

What types of equipment does Linton Family Pharmacy provide?

We provide walkers, wheelchairs, rollators, canes, crutches, hospital beds, lift chairs, nebulizers, compression socks, diabetic shoes, mastectomy prosthetics and a large selection of braces. We can also special order many other Durable Medical Equipment products.

Do you accept most insurance plans?

We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans.

How much does Medicare cover on equipment?

Medicare will cover 80% on most equipment if the patient and the equipment qualify for coverage.

What do I need to get equipment billed to Medicare?

Medicare requires a prescription be written by your physician with an appropriate diagnosis.

What do I need to obtain in order to receive Durable Medical Equipment?

In order to file a claim with Medicare, Medicaid or another insurance company, we must have a prescription from your physician. Some items require prior authorization. We will work with your physician to obtain any additional paperwork required. Under most circumstances, you should be able to have the requested equipment the same day. If we do not have the item in stock, we will order it for you.

Does Medicare cover lift chairs?

Medicare will cover only the lift mechanism part of the chair. Patients are required to pay for the entire chair and they will be reimbursed by Medicare if the patient qualifies. A prescription is required from a physician as well as a certificate of medical necessity. Both must be completed by the physician before the patient can receive the chair.

Does Medicare cover Diabetic Supplies?

Medicare will cover 100 strips and 100 lancets per 90 days for diabetic patients that are not on insulin. If a patient is on insulin Medicare will cover 100 strips and 100 lancets per 30 days. Medicare part B does not cover alcohol swabs or syringes.

Will Medicare cover ostomy or urological supplies?

Medicare will cover colostomy, ileostomy and urinary ostomy supplies. Medicare will cover the amount of supplies that your doctor states that you need based on your condition. Medicare will also cover urological supplies for permanent urinary incontinence or urinary retention. Permanent is considered to not be reversed within three months.

Does Medicare cover breast prostheses for mastectomy patients?

Medicare will cover a mastectomy form every two years for a patient that has had a mastectomy. Medicare will also cover six mastectomy bras for these patients every year.

Are surgical dressings covered by Medicare?

Surgical dressings are covered for surgical wounds, wounds that require surgical repair, wounds that require a routine cleaning, and for severe bedsores or ulcers. There are also additional guidelines for some dressings.

Does Medicare pay for wheelchairs?

Medicare helps pay for wheelchairs used in the home if it is determined to be medically necessary. Under Medicare guidelines a patient has to be bed or chair bound without the use of a wheelchair before Medicare will help pay for one.

Does Medicare help pay for a wheelchair ramp?

No. Medicare does not cover wheelchair ramps.

Does Medicare help pay for adult diapers?

No. Medicare does not cover adult diapers.

Does Medicare cover a blood pressure monitor?

Medicare only covers a blood pressure monitor if the person with Medicare is receiving home dialysis.

Does Medicare cover surgical stockings?

No. Medicare does not cover surgical stockings.

Does Medicare help pay for tub rails?

No. Medicare does not help pay for bathroom supplies.

Does Medicare always approve whatever amount the provider bills them?

No. Medicare has a set dollar amount they will pay for the things that they have approved for coverage. This list is called the Medicare Fee Schedule. All providers have to accept the limits that Medicare has set forth in this schedule.

Billing Information:

What forms of insurance does Linton Family Pharmacy accept?

Linton Family Pharmacy accepts Medicaid, all Medicare prescription plans and most other major insurance plans. If our pharmacy does not currently have a contract for your insurance plan, our team will explore acquiring a contract from your company.

How much does my insurance pay on prescriptions?

Most prescription plans have a set percentage they pay on prescriptions. Some plans do have deductibles that have to be satisfied before they will pay anything on prescriptions.

Will my insurance cover a 90 day supply?

Some insurance companies will cover a ninety-day supply. In order for us to fill a ninety-day supply, we must have a prescription from your doctor written for 90 days at a time.

Why do I have a co-pay?

Most prescription plans have a co-pay. Co-pays for most plans are based on a drug tier that is set by the insurance company. Medicaid plans usually have a set co-pay depending on which program you are enrolled in. The Medicare drug plans have co-pays based on your income and the plan that you are enrolled in.

Do you fill prescriptions with name brand or generic drugs?

We try to fill prescriptions with the cost-saving generic drug whenever possible unless patients specifically ask us to fill it with the name brand.

Will my insurance pay for name brands?

Most private insurance companies will let you have your prescriptions filled with the name brand, but they may charge you a higher co-pay or they will charge you the difference between the cost of the name brand and the cost of the generic.


When is the earliest a prescription can be filled?

Most insurance plans will allow prescriptions to be filled seven days or less before they are due.

When is the earliest a controlled prescription can be filled?

Controlled prescriptions can be filled no more than four days before they are due.

How long does it take to have a prescription filled?

We pride ourselves on trying to fill your prescription as safely and efficiently as possible. Usual wait time is no longer than five to ten minutes. We do request that if you drop off prescriptions in the drive-thru, that you come back at least fifteen to twenty minutes later.

Is your drive-thru open the same hours as the stores?

Yes. Our drive-thru is open from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM Monday through Friday and from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday.

Do you offer compounding services?

We offer a limited compounding service.

Do you always carry the same brands of generic drugs?

We try to continually carry the same brands of generic drugs. However, sometimes we are at the mercy of our wholesaler and market conditions. If they do not have the brand that we have been carrying, we may have to use a different brand.

Uniform Department:

What uniform lines do you carry?

Cherokee/Rockers, Landau, Peaches, Barco, White Swan and Dickies and more!

What is the Scrub Club and how do I sign up?

Signing up for the Scrub Club is simple. All you have to do is fill out an in-store informational form or contact info (at) lintonrx (dot) com. Upon receipt, you will be issued a membership card. As a member, you may receive via postal mail and e-mail various offers and coupons exclusive to club members.

How much does it cost to sign up for the Scrub Club?

There is no cost to become a Scrub Club member. Membership is free.

Does the Scrub Club membership expire?

No, they are always accepted.

Do we special order uniforms?

Yes, we can special order uniforms. However, we do require a 25% deposit to do so.

How long does a special order take to come in?

As long as the item is in stock, it usually takes five to 10 business days. We will call and let you know when the order is in.

What happens to my 25% deposit if I decide I don't want the item after all?

If you decide you don't want the ordered item the 25% deposit goes for a re-stocking fee.

What if the item is not in stock?

If the item is not in stock, usually the company will let us know and will give us an expected ship date. If, for instance, the item takes too long or is a discontinued item we will then reimburse you your 25% deposit.

Can clearance items be exchanged or returned?

No, all sales are final

Do you only carry women's uniforms?

No, we currently carry unisex uniforms and have future plans to carry a selection of men's uniforms.

Are you going to get bigger sizes in?

Yes, we are ordering 3XL and 4XL.

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