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Pharmacy History

It could be said that the beginnings of Linton Family Pharmacy can be traced back to 1981 when Jeff Doris, at that time a high school student, started working at Pearman Pharmacy in Paris, IL. This was the start of Jeff's association with an independent pharmacy as well as the service and care it can provide to patients.

Even when Jeff headed off for college, he maintained his relationship with Pearman Pharmacy by working during holiday breaks and during the summers.

After being married in 1988, Jeff and Vickie moved to Indianapolis where Jeff completed his pharmacy degree at Butler University. There he gained many more perspectives on retail and hospital pharmacies by working at Westview Hospital, Rite Aid, Hooks and Phar-mor. Jeff also had an unique opportunity to plan and manage a new outpatient pharmacy for Community Hospitals.

By 1993 Jeff and his wife, Vickie, were expecting their first child and were ready to move away from the city life of Indianapolis. Bloomfield, Indiana, became home to the Doris Family. Their dream to own their own independent pharmacy became a reality in February of 1995 when they purchased Pielemeier Pharmacy in Bloomfield from Dan and Margret Pielemeier.

Greene County has seen many changes in independent pharmacies over the past decade. Sadly, Woods pharmacy of Worthington closed and later in Dec 1996, Illingworth Pharmacy was sold to Hooks/Revco (now CVS). These changes left Pielemeier Pharmacy as the only remaining independent pharmacy to serve Greene County.

In June of 1997, while continuing to run Pielemeier Pharmacy in Bloomfield, Jeff and Vickie formed a corporation with another pharmacist and thus started Linton Family Pharmacy. The sale of Pielemeier Pharmacy in April 2003 allowed the Doris' the ability to focus their energies on Linton Family Pharmacy. In March 2006, Jeff and Vickie were able to become sole owners of Linton Family Pharmacy and take over management decisions.

The Doris' are planning many updates and renovations to the business. This site will help keep you updated on new services, special offers and exciting new changes occurring at LINTON FAMILY PHARMACY!

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