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Mastectomy Prosthetics

At Linton Family Pharmacy, we work together with Amoena, the world's leading brand of external breast forms. We offer you innovative and revolutionary post-mastectomy products designed specifically to help you regain confidence and resume your old lifestyle comfortably and, most of all, feeling secure. Our mission is to help women enjoy fuller lives after breast surgery.


The Linton Family Pharmacy Personalized Fitting Experience

  • We will bill Medicare and your supplemental insurances directly so that you don't have to worry about paying at the time of your fitting.
  • Personalized fitting with a full line of sizes and styles in stock to get your most comfortable and appropriate fit!
  • Ability to special order various styles and sizes in a timely manner, so you get what you want, fast.
  • New lines of product include intimate wear with matching panties, sports apparel, camisole tops and bathing suits.
  • Call 812.847.1978 or email info (at) lintonrx (dot) com today to schedule your personalized fitting in our private boutique.

Regaining Body Symmetry

For many women who experience a mastectomy, a breast prosthesis is a natural looking and comfortable way to regain body symmetry. You may see the terms breast form or breast prosthesis used interchangeably. Both these terms describe the same product.

The Importance of a Good Fitter

For women who have experienced a mastectomy, a good fitter can be
a lifesaver. Training and experience provide mastectomy fitters with
the expertise to recommend bras and prostheses that are comfortable and natural looking. At Linton Family Pharmacy, we have Registered Mastectomy Fitters on staff who will cater to your personal needs and develop a close relationship with you in order to assess the most appropriate and comfortable prothesis for you. The art and science of a post-mastectomy fitting has as its final goal a natural looking, symmetric and comfortable fit for every body type. If you have undergone breast surgery, you will certainly find yourself wondering about the options available for post-mastectomy women. Because we know that every case is different, our fitter will work with you individually to make sure you feel at ease and secure with your new breast forms. We understand that this is a period of not only physical but also emotional needs, and Linton Family Pharmacy is here to get you back into your old routine.

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